Privacy policies and terms

1. Introduction

Thank you for your interest in our company, our products and/or our services. e. When you enter into a relationship of any kind with us, you entrust us with your information. This information set out in this document (hereinafter referred to as the “Privacy Policy” is important. We encourage you to read it carefully.

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to explain to you what data we process (collect, use, share), why we process it, how we process it, your rights. under the GDPR and how you can exercise these rights. In collecting this information, we act as the controller and are required by law to provide this information to you.

The protection and privacy of personal data is very important to us. Fully aware that your personal information belongs to you, we do our best to store it securely and process it carefully. We do not provide information to third parties without informing you as required by law.

By visiting the site, purchasing our products and/or services or interacting with us by any means and/or through any communication channel (email, telephone, social media, etc.), you agree to this Privacy Policy and consent including the use of your data. for advertising or marketing purposes, as described below in the Marketing and Advertising sections. If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, please do not use our services or products.

2. Other Services

This Privacy Policy does not cover other third party applications and websites that you can reach by accessing links on our website. This is beyond our control. We encourage you to review the Privacy Policy on any website and/or application before providing personal data.

3. Who are we?

S.C. ENDRESS GROUP ROMANIA S.R.L (hereinafter referred to as ENDRESS GROUP ROMANIA ), with registered office in Bocsa str. Medres no.17, registered at the Trade Register under no. J11/205/2002, fiscal code RO 14762538, is responsible for processing your data. personal data we collect directly from you. or from other sources. According to the law, our company is a personal data controller. Because your data to be processed securely, we have made every effort to implement reasonable and appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your information. personal.

4. Who are you?

According to the law, you, the natural person benefiting from our products and/or services, the representative or contact person of a company, the visitor of the website or the person in any kind of relationship with our company, are a “data subject”, i.e. an identified or identifiable natural person. In order to be fully transparent about our data processing and to allow you to easily exercise your rights at any time, we have implemented measures to provide information, see Sections 7, 10 and 11 of this document.

5. Our Commitment

Protecting your information personal is very important to us. Therefore, we are committed to comply with European and national data protection legislation, in particular Regulation (EU) 679/2016, also known as GDPR, and the following principles:

  • Legality, fairness and transparency
    We process your data. legally and fairly. We are always transparent about the information we use, and you. you are properly informed.
  • Control is yours
    Within the limits of the law, we offer you the ability to review, amend, delete personal data you have shared with us and exercise your other rights. For more information, see Sections 7, 10 and 11 of this document.
  • Data integrity and purpose limitation
    We only use the data for the purposes described at the time of collection or for new purposes compatible with the original ones. In all cases, our aims are compatible with the legislation. We take reasonable steps to ensure that personal data is accurate, complete and up-to-date.
  • Security
    We have implemented reasonable security and encryption measures to protect your personal information to the best of our ability. However, keep in mind that no website, no app and no internet connection is completely secure.

6. Changes

We may change this Privacy Policy at any time. All updates and changes to this Policy are effective immediately upon notification, which we will make by posting on the Site and/or notification by email.

7. Questions and requests

If you have any questions or concerns about the processing of your data or wish to exercise your legal rights in relation to the data we hold, or if you have any concerns about the way we handle any privacy issues, you can write to us at: gdpr@endresslaser.com

8. Your information.

8.1. What king of information do we collect about you?

When you browse our website, send us an e-mail request or contact us for any other purpose and through any other communication channel, you may provide us with the following personal data, which we collect directly from you or from other sources, such as:
• Name and surname
• Age
• Email address
• Phone number
• Your position in the company
• Password

We collect most information directly from you. (e.g. by filling in a form on the website). Most of the information is as described above, but there may be situations where we collect data from third parties (i.e. partners, advertising platforms), such as information on purchases and interests

In addition to the above information, we may also collect the following information, depending on the circumstances:

• How you interact with our website(s) or advertisements (for example, information about how and when you access our website or what device you use to access the website);

• Information provided when filling in forms or questionnaires;

• Content of messages sent via messaging systems and e-mail;

• Your interactions with each other and us on social media (e.g. likes, shares, comments);

• Information we collect about you. from other group companies or third parties who have obtained your consent. or have another legal right to share this information with us (including publishing or advertising partners/platforms and data aggregators who have obtained that right).

We may collect data through cookies or similar technologies such as:

• IP address

• Internet browser

• Location

• The web pages you access on our website

8.2. Why do we collect this information?

We collect personal information for the following purposes:
• To answer your questions and requests and provide customer service;
• For marketing purposes, but only where we have your consent. beforehand or when there is a legal exception to obtaining consent;
• To provide and improve the services and products we offer;
• To diagnose or fix technical problems;
•To defend against cyber attacks;
• To comply with legislation, such as tax compliance which requires us to keep accounting records for 10 years;
• To establish or claim a right in court;
•To establish or claim a right in court;
• For running promotions and competitions;
• To prevent crime, scams or fraud;

8.3. What is the legal basis for processing?

We can use the following legal grounds, depending on the specific case:

  • Consent to the processing of personal data;
    However, please note that if you are our customer, we may send you promotional messages (direct marketing) about similar goods and services without your consent, pursuant to Article 12 Paragraph ( 3 ) of Law no. 506/20014.
    However, in all cases, you may object to direct marketing and/or withdraw your consent at any time by following the unsubscribe instructions in each email or by sending a written request to the email address office@endresslaser.com
  • The processing is necessary for the conclusion or performance of a contract between you and us;
  • The processing is necessary for our legitimate interests or those of another party, unless your interests, rights or freedoms prevail.
    Where we use legitimate interest, we carry out a legitimate interest analysis (balancing test) where we can balance our interest against your interests. If our interests prevail, we will use the legitimate interest. If your interests prevail, we will not use the legitimate interest, and to the extent that we are unable to identify another correct legal basis, we will not carry out the processing activity.
  • The processing is necessary in order to fulfil certain legal obligations (such as compliance with tax legislation which obliges us to keep accounting documents for a period of 10 years or the provision of certain information to authorised public bodies and institutions); The processing is necessary in order to fulfil certain legal obligations (such as compliance with tax legislation which obliges us to keep accounting documents for a period of 10 years or the provision of certain information to authorised public bodies and institutions);
  • In some situations, processing may be necessary to protect your vital interests. or of another natural person;

Please note that obtaining consent is not mandatory and we will proceed to obtain consent from you. only in cases where we failed to use another legal basis.

8.4. How long do we store data?

We store your data. personal data only for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes, but no longer than 5 years after the termination of the contract or the last interaction with us.

After the end of the period, personal data will be destroyed or deleted from computer systems or rendered anonymous for scientific, historical or statistical research purposes.

Please note that in certain expressly regulated situations, we store data for the period required by law.

8.5. How we share your information . with the others?

We may disclose your data, in compliance with applicable law, to business partners or other third parties. We make reasonable efforts at all times to ensure that these third parties have appropriate safeguards and security measures in place. We have contractual clauses with these third parties so that your data is protected. In these situations, we will ensure that any transfer is legitimate, based on your consent or other legal basis.

For example, we could provide your details. to other companies, such as IT or telecommunications service providers, accountants, legal services and other third parties with whom we have a contractual relationship. These third parties are selected with great care so that your data is not disclosed to third parties. be processed only for the purposes we indicate.

We may also share your data. to business partners as a result of a joint effort to provide a product or service.

Although unlikely, we may sell the business or part of the business in the future, which will include the transfer of your data.

We may also transmit data to other parties with your consent or according to your instructions, for example, if you exercise a portability request.

We will also be able to provide your information. personal data and to the public prosecutor’s office, the police, the courts and other authorised state bodies, on the basis and within the limits of the legal provisions and following expressly formulated requests.

We will ensure, within reasonable limits, that your data is kept secure. do not leave the European Economic Area, but to the extent that we transfer data to non-EEA countries, we will ensure in all cases that the transfers are legitimate, based on your explicit consent or other lawful basis.

9. Marketing

To the extent that we have obtained your consent. If you have previously or are already a customer of the company, we may use direct marketing and targeted advertising technologies using information collected about you. according to interests, preferences, purchases, age, location, etc. For example, we might send emails, display ads within our website or on social media, or place ads on third-party websites, apps or other internet-connected devices.

9.1. What kind of data do we collect for marketing?

In order to carry out direct marketing or targeted advertising activities, we may use the following information:

• Information collected through cookies and similar technologies (location, device, browser, age, etc.);
• Your purchases, how you interacted with our goods and services and the feedback we received from you;
• Age, country, region, sex;
• Other information obtained from our third party marketing partners, information they have obtained with your consent.

9.2. Marketing partners

Our marketing partners, such as Facebook, Google and/or other agencies help us deliver marketing to you based on information they collect directly from you and with your consent. In some cases, we even share new information we have collected from you. We ensure, in all cases, that these transfers are legal as explained in paragraph 8.5.

Our partners may place advertisements about our services and products based on data previously collected from you. (interests, preferences) on other sites and/or services. (interests, preferences) on other sites and/or services. to improve services and/or algorithms (including artificial intelligence-based algorithm

This privacy policy does not include information on how our partners process your data, but we encourage you to read our marketing partners’ privacy policy for more information. You can view this list of our marketing partners, along with links to our Privacy Policy.

9.3. How can you give up direct marketing?

You can object to direct marketing and/or withdraw your consent at any time by following the unsubscribe instructions in each email (“unsubscribe” or “unsubscribe”) or by sending a request to office@endresslaser.com.

To disable interest-based advertising, please see our Cookie Policy.

10. What are your rights?

Your rights under the GDPR Regulation are as follows:

• Right to withdraw consent

You may withdraw your consent to the processing of your data at any time by sending a request to office@endresslaser.com. Please note, however, that to the extent that we have identified another legal basis for processing your data, we will continue to process your data. on that legal basis. We have the legal possibility to use one or more grounds for processing your data.

• The right to be informed about the processing of your data

• Right of access to data

You have the right to obtain confirmation from us as to whether or not personal data relating to you are being processed and, if so, access to that data and to the information referred to in Article 15(1). (1) of the GDPR.

• Right to rectify inaccurate or incomplete data

You have the right to obtain from us, without undue delay, the rectification of inaccurate personal data concerning you.

• Right of erasure (“right to be forgotten”)

In the situations set out in Article 17 of the GDPR a you have the right to request and obtain the deletion of personal data.

Right to restriction of processing In the cases provided for in Article 18 of the GDPR, you have the right to request and obtain restriction of processing.

• The right to pass on data we hold about you. to another operator (“right of portability”)

In cases under Article 20 of the GDPR, you have the right to request and obtain data portability.

• Right to object to data processing

In the cases provided for in Article 21 of the GDPR, you have the right to object to the processing of your data.

• The right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing, including profiling with legal or similar significant effects on you.

• The right to go to court to defend your rights and interests.

• The right to complain to a Surveillance Authority

Please note that:

• You may withdraw your consent to direct marketing at any time by following the unsubscribe instructions in each email/sms or other electronic message.
• If you wish to exercise your rights, you can do so by sending a signed and dated written request to the following e-mail address: office@endresslaser.com
• The rights listed above are not absolute. There are exceptions, so each application received will be examined to decide whether it is justified or not. To the extent that your request is justified, we will facilitate the exercise of your rights. If the request is unfounded, we will reject it, but we will inform you of the reasons for the refusal and of your rights to lodge a complaint with the Supervisory Authority and to take legal action.
• We will try to respond to the request within one month. . However, the deadline may be extended depending on various aspects, such as the complexity of the application, the large number of applications received or the impossibility of identifying you within a useful timeframe.
• If, despite our best efforts, we are unable to identify you, and you are not able to identify us. if you do not provide us with additional information to enable us to identify you, we are not obliged to act on your request.

11. Questions, requests and exercise of rights

If you have any questions or concerns about the processing of your information or wish to exercise your legal rights or have any other privacy concerns, you can write to us at office@endresslaser.com


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