Unleash the Power of Precision with Laser Machines

Endress ELT Laser

We are part of the Endress Group, a significant provider in the exceptional industrial domain that sets new standards in technology and innovation.

Endress Laser – Masters of Precision Laser Metal Processing and Advanced Bending: We are the force behind transforming metals into technological works of art. As producers of cutting-edge laser cutting machines and advanced bending equipment, we achieve the perfect connection between your vision and metal.

What do we offer?

The configuration proposed by us, besides being the most technologically advanced, has the following advantages:


Easy maintenance

Long lifespan

High quality components

20 years experience

Low spare parts costs

Relevant products

  • ELTC-F1530GT


    Model XTC-F1530GT
    Working Area 1510×3050mm
    Max Linkage Speed 140m/min
    Max Acceleration 1.5G
    Positional Accuracy ±0.03mm
  • ELT-TP230


    Model XT-T230
    Maxi Length of Pipe 6.5m/9.2m
    Max Blanking Length 2m
    Shortest Remnant 200mm
    Positional Accuracy ±0.03mm
  • ELT-H2060-X00-02


    Model XT-H2060-X00-02
    Working Area 2030×6050mm
    Max Linkage Speed 140m/min
    Max Acceleration 1.5G
    Positional Accuracy ±0.03mm
  • ELT-CC


    Laser Power 200W / 300W / 500W
    Laser Wavelength 1064±5nm
    Scan Width 10-100mm
    Laser Focus 160mm
    Cooling Method Water Cooling